Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the greatest artists of his time. His works have proved to be timeless and some of the most recognizable and copied. This in itself would be an accomplishment many would consider the achievement of a lifetime, but this barely scratched the surface of, arguably, the most diversely talented individual to have lived. da Vinci was also recognized during his time as one of the preeminent mathematicians, scientists, engineers, architects, inventors, anatomists and writers of the day. It was da Vinci who set the standard for Humanists and defined the archetype of Renaissance Man. It is that standard which this blog, and those who contribute, attempts to uphold.

Like da Vinci I have not been satisfied being the master of one skill. My life has presented many challenges, which allowed me to succeed in many disciplines. In a world of hyperspecialization, I would never be recognized as the best at anything that I did, but the breadth of high level skills I developed allowed me opportunity to do so many things that most people only aspire to do. I speak from my experiences as a success in the business world, as a high performance athlete in both the amateur and professional ranks, as an artist and musician, as a designer and architect, and most importantly, as a Humanist.

I will likely never attain the same levels of brilliance that da Vinci attained during his lifetime, nor will I likely be remembered some five hundred years into the future. But if I can add my experience to the collective consciousness we share, I will have contributed in some way to the improvement of our species. If my mental gymnastics on this blog challenge people to think beyond their accepted context, then I will have accomplished my goal and maintain the ideal da Vinci lived by; never stop learning and expanding our knowledge base. With that, I bring you readers…

A Modern Day da Vinci: Cultural Observations of a Polymath.


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